I decided to learn a new internet skill, and I was quite tired of php. Thus, I have completely re-coded my personal website with Python and Flask.

The Basics

So much code! Although I don't consider myself a blogger, I do like to share some of my codes and other fun things too. I couldn't find a platform I felt was what I wanted, so I made my own!

The entire site is built on the Flask microframework (Yay Python!) which is convenient since most of my data analysis work is also done in Python. The blogging component I pseudo-forked from The Flask Mega-Tutorial and is perfect. I can easily write all posts in Markdown, store them in a SQLite database and render them using Flask-Markdown. The backend (admin) of the blog is also super awesome thanks to the same guy who wrote the previous tutorial who created the Flask-PageDown extension that gives you sort of a Stack Overflow like experience to write posts. Enough about that..

What to Expect

  1. A ton of data
  2. Science!
  3. Old codes geared towards undergraduate chemical engineering curriculum


I am NOT a software developer! I love coding. I am currently coding every day! However, if I make rookie mistakes, remember I am a chemical engineer and atmospheric physicist!