Pandas is an open-source python library that provides simple data structures and data analysis tools similar to R. Pandas is especially great for time-series data which is fantastic for the atmospheric sciences since most of our data is time-indexed. It is my experience that most libraries passed around the atmospheric community are written for Igor Pro, which is a proprietary software. Although great for time-indexed data analysis, it costs quite a bit of money (>$0).

As I am set to begin my PhD at MIT this coming September, I have decided to launch the atmospy python library - a python library dedicated to the atmospheric sciences. My goal is to build the library as I move on with my education (and have time). I would like to make this a formal announcement to recruit any others that would like to contribute to the project to do so.

Goals for the library

  1. Include basic plotting techniques such as diurnal profiles, wind-roses, etc
  2. Include data munging techniques that output into commonly used formats such as ICARTT
  3. Include common (and uncommon) models such as MEGAN, and others I'm not familiar with

If anyone has any thoughts, ideas, or would like to contribute, please contact me as I would love your help. You can also send any pull requests to the github repository.