I make things at MIT as a fellow of the Tata Center. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics Ph.D. student. Open science advocate.

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Atmospheric Chemist. Engineer.

Currently, I am a third year Ph.D. student studying Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry at MIT (Course 1).

My research is focused towards developing low-cost detectors for volatile organic compounds. In addition to academic work, I work as a software developer primarily in the areas of scientific computing and data analysis.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ph.D., Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics

Cambridge, MA

8.2014 - Present

Cambridge, MA

Washington Univerisity in St. Louis '13

B.S., Chemical Engineering

St. Louis, MO

8.2011 - 5.2013

St. Louis, MO

Hendrix College '11

B.A., Chemical Physics

Conway, AR

8.2006 - 5.2011

Conway, AR

  1. Raul E. Martinez, Brent J. Williams, Yaping Zhang, David Hagan, Michael Walker, Nathan M. Kreisberg, Susanne V. Hering, Thorsten Hohaus, John T. Jayne, Douglas R. Worsnop: Development of a Volatility and Polarity Separator (VAPS) for Volatility and Polarity Resolved Organic Aerosol Measurement. Aerosol Science and Technology 02/2016; 50(3). DOI:10.1080/02786826.2016.1147645. [ link ]

8.2014 - Present

Tata Center for Technology and Design (MIT)

  • developing a quantitative multi-pollutant air quality sensor to increase spatial and temporal resolution of AQ measurements
  • developing a low-cost VOC sensor to obtain semi-quantitative information about Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in urban areas
  • developed a low-cost portable monitor for quantitative measurements of SO2...deployed in Hawaii to monitor emissions associated with Kilauea

8.2013 - 8.2014

NSF International

Engineer I
  • ran NSF 61 program to certify various plastics (PVC, CPVC, PE, HDPE, Nylon) to accoring to ASTM and ISO standards
  • re-designed and retrofitted old test equipment

1.2012 - 8.2013

Atmospheric Chemistry and Technology Lab (WashU)

Research Assistant
  • developed a photo-reactor (PAM) to investigate the role of biogenic and anthropogenic emissions on particle formation and evolution
  • deployed a novel instrument (VAPS) at the Southern Aerosol and Oxidant Study (SOAS) in Brent, AL during Summer 2013
  • deployed a network of aerosol instruments at the St. Louis Regional Air Quality Study (2013)

5.2012 - 8.2012


Intern - Technology Development and Integration Team
  • determined root cause of failed fuel-quality field tests leading to new fuel standard
  • operated and performed routine maintainence on IdaTech's proprietary fuel cell stacks
  • re-wrote old VBA scripts to Perl to analyze medium-large datasets pertaining to fuel cell stack reliability


PYTHON Javascript C++ LabVIEW Perl MATLAB php
Mysql redis API Development d3.js git nginx gunicorn


Arduino Raspberry Pi Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry pcb design
Aspen Plus Upverter

Awards and Honors

  • Eagle Scout
  • First Place, William Cunningham Award - AIChE National Design Competition [press]
  • First Place, Startup Weekend Ann Arbor 2014
  • Engineer in Training (EIT) 2013
Professional Associations
  • American Institute for Chemical Engineers (2011-2014)
  • Society of Physics Students (2007-2011)
  • American Association for Aerosol Research (2013 - Present)
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (2016 - Present)